There is news about Hilda the Wicked Witch.

Dear reader and especially fans of Hilda the Wicked Witch.

There is news. You may already suspect what this is about. Of course, as I have been affected by Hilda, I’m going to drag out the actual news. For instance by showing you this pretty picture of a rock:


Isn’t that pretty? Well, I can hear most of you say crappedy crap. Okay, okay, I get the point, let’s hasten on before someone brings along suckable elves!

Yes. Book 11 of the Wicked Witch is written. It’s not “all done” yet, as there is still work for the ‘correctional facilities’ ahead, but most of the writing is done. So the book number is eleven. There’s also a title for it already, and I think I have the cover-art reasonably in order as well.

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