Study: 30 Percent of Flyers Have Left on their Electronic Devices

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Recently I posted about the problems e-reading devices might cause in aeroplanes. There is a new study now that shows most fears apparently are unfounded, because many people don’t take the trouble to switch off their devices at all. I found this article on Teleread:

Ever reach into your pocket at the end of a long flight to turn on your phone, only to realize it was on all along? You’re not alone. A study released Thursday found that 30 percent of U.S. airplane passengers have accidentally left a personal electronic device turned on while on a plane.

According to the “Portable Electronic Devices on Aircraft” study, jointly conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX),  69 percent of respondents say they have used an electronic device in-flight.

The study comes as the federal government is considering relaxing restrictions on in-flight use of electronics, and the FCC is pushing for stronger in-air Wi-Fi signals.

“Airline passengers have come to rely on their smartphones, tablets and e-readers as essential travel companions,”  Doug Johnson, vice president of technology policy at CEA, said in the survey. “Understanding the attitudes and behaviors of passengers that are using electronic devices while traveling will help the FAA make informed decisions.”

Editor’s Note:  The complete study is available free only to APEX members and CEA member companies at

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