Do you know Facebook?

Dear reader,

I am convinced you’ve heard of this social media website called Facebook.

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Something you may not know is that most people of the Alexandria Publishing Group have their own presence there as well. Let me give you a little list of them with what you might find there. Perhaps you encounter something you like!


The page of Valerie Douglas. Valerie founded the APG. She’s a very prolific writer and has produced beautiful work in many genres including romance, fantasy and erotica. Have a look at her Facebook page, perhaps you’ll even ‘like’ it!

Then we have Renee Barratt, who says “The Cover Counts”. Renée is the one who creates magnificent artwork for book covers. When you are a writer who is looking for great material at a decent price you’d sell yourself short if you don’t take a look there.

Mary Ann Peden-Coviello is a writer and an editor for the APG. Are you looking for someone to nag at what you wrote, you’re in the right place with her. Don’t worry about the nagging, she’s a really nice person!

Donna K. Fitch is a wonderful person and writer who has produced several great books in the fantasy / paranormal / steampunk area. I’m currently reading her book Second Death and it’s wonderful. Do you like what you see here, then hop over and like more!

D Kai Wilson-Viola is our octopus person. She arranges a lot of things. She writes, she manages websites (looking for good hosting? Contact her!), and she’s a wizard on WordPress. I’m not listing everything she does, that would keep me typing forever.

Denise McGee is also a member of the APG. She’s written a very nice book called One Small Touch. If you are into suspense, romance and supernatural things, Denise is the one for you to visit. She’d like that!

Stephen King, known to most people as The Other Stephen King, is a great writer of fantasy and Science Fiction. He’s a nice fellow, his books are all in good humour, yet they possess grandeur, like his works in the Return of the Gods series.

Terry Simpson is also a fantasy writer, but his work is in the big, epic realm of fantasy. Author of the Aegis of the Gods Series and the Quintessence Cycle series, he also manages to be a very friendly and helpful person. Epic fantasy? Talk to Terry!

Kriss Morton is our Cabin Goddess. This may make you frown. If so, hooray for that. She’s a person who is into promotion and reviews. Wild at heart and mind, that’s Kriss, but when it comes to books she’s very serious.

That sort of completes my list. I hope it is informative to you and that you will discover some more books, covers, edits and promotions that you hadn’t heard or read about before!

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