5 star review of Bactine

Dear reader,

I discovered a very nice review for Bactine on the applelogo Apple Ibook store:

Wow, I just finished Bactine today, and was thoroughly engrossed throughout the entire book. I have never read a book where the environment of the main character was transformed so much while still successfully pulling off a solid and believable storyline.

There is nothing more drab than figuring out a storyline before actually reading it. Within Bactine, Paul Kater, introduces a few side plots that make it nearly impossible to accurately guess his storyline. In all, this leads to a much more entertaining story ending.

I know I like a book when immediately after finishing it I want to know what is the next book. I have read both Paul’s steam-punk and fantasy books and he has the flexibility for multiple genre. He has won me over as a lifetime reader.

I just had to post this here. Nothing wrong, I think, with being proud of this.

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