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It is Monday again, so I present to you: today’s Indie Promotion:

The Color of Darkness and Other Stories

The Color of Darkness
by Alexandria Publishing Group author Donna K. Fitch

Ebook Short Description:

The Color of Darkness will change the way you look at your morning commute.  Sienna Shelby insists she can divine the future by observing the patterns of vehicle colors. Courier Brendan Mitchell, who drives the interstate every day, is skeptical. But will their relationship succeed when her powerful employer warns him to stay away from her, and when Sienna herself warns Brendan that fate has something dangerous in store for all of them?
Detour: A peaceful walk with your grandfather may evoke memories you’d rather not experience firsthand.
Quantum Critique: Does criticism of a painting literally destroy it?


Where to find: this e-book is available from


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