Unveiling: Green Haven

Dear reader,

It’s with pride that today I can uncover the cover (and yes, pun intended) for my new Science Fiction book “Green Haven“, a story set in a “Bladerunner”-like environment.


The appearance of The Black Flyer, a television super hero, shakes up the city of Green Haven. A group of role playing gamers wonders why the police and the army are apparently helpless against this super hero who doesn’t act like his TV original and decide to take him on themselves.

Green Haven (the e-book) is scheduled to appear on March 16th 2013.

4 thoughts on “Unveiling: Green Haven”

  1. G’day,
    My name is Yvonne and I want to thank you for using one of my stock images for your newest book!
    Greetings from Down Under

    1. Yvonne, you are very talented! I hope to be able to use more of your images in future designs!! Thanks for doing such great work!!


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