APG Indie Promotion: Return of the Gods

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It is Monday again, it’s still winter. Maybe the characters from this week’s Indie Promotion can do something about the weather!

Ascension: Return of the Gods

by Alexandria Publishing Group author Stephen King (the other one)

Ebook Short Description: Eternal life with her husband.

That’s all Crystal wants. Having survived the epic battle between her husband, the God of War, and his ex-wife, the Goddess of Love, Crystal sets her sights on achieving the impossible: she wants to be a goddess.

It’s not really impossible, though. Matt’s ex-wife did it, after all. If it’s been done once, Crystal knows that she can do it again, whatever it takes.

What it takes, she learns, is assistance from some unlikely teachers, including Thor, who breaks Crystal’s body several times while rebuilding her as a barbarian queen. Also including Hephaestus, who teaches her the magic of the forge and bestows upon her a priceless gift at the end of her visit. The list of guides even includes Apollo, her husband’s most acerbic rival. Through it all, Gaia, the mother goddess, serves as Crystal’s primary guide while treating the quest as a grand source of amusement.

Follow Crystal as she faces the impossible in an adventure that will bring her either everlasting life or quick death.


Where to find: this e-book is available from Amazon.com.


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