Hilda 10 – Magic on the Rocks.

Dear reader,

Next week the new Hilda book, “Magic on the Rocks”, will see the light of day. My aim is to have it on Smashwords and the Amazon stores on the 12th. Distribution to the other e-book stores depends on a few things (like the speed of those stores in putting it online after receiving it).

The paperback version will take a little longer as I have to wait for the proof of that. As a member of the Alexandria Publishing Group I want to keep up the quality standards that we aim for.

Hilda 10 Magic on the rocks

Thank you for your patience, I’ll update the “published books” page as soon as the book is available.

5 thoughts on “Hilda 10 – Magic on the Rocks.”

  1. Its amazing that some people think that creative license means they can alter someone else’s art by dropping in a cheezy little piece of clip art into a sketch that they know the person invested hours into creating. I am trying to figure out how much to attribute to arrogance and how much to disrespect. I guess they figure if they are involved in a relationship with the person they can do whatever they want to their creations and it is their right. But, I am sure they would be quite upset if someone altered their art without permission and then sent it out in social media for thousands of eyes to see. And so, this is what I get on my first published work.

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