The life of a character – Hilda’s tenth book

Dear reader,

I have grown fond of many characters I have written over time, and I am convinced there are many people who have similar feelings about the characters they have read in one or more books. It’s funny how a personage can come into a story, first as a simple ‘once off’ person, and then suddenly she or he returns and becomes an integral part of the story.

This happened with William the book salesman in the first Hilda story who makes a remarkable re-entry, one I had not even anticipated until it happened. It also happened with Baba Yaga who suddenly appeared in Hilda’s second book “Snow White Revisited”. I grew fond of Babs, as many people did (I know, they told me).

Not much is known about the character of Baba Yaga so far in regards to her background, her life before she became the witch she is ‘now’. Let me tell you then that this is about to change. Not immediately – I am not going to delve into Baba Yaga’s past right here – but in the tenth book of Hilda the Wicked Witch there will be a few revelations about the ugly old witch that hopefully make you smile the way they made me smile.

Book 10 of the Hilda the Wicked Witch series is planned to be released unto the unsuspecting public at the end of December or the beginning of January 2013.

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