Book mention – Beneath gray skies

Title: Beneath gray skies
Author: Hugh Ashton
Genre: Steampunk

Beneath Gray Skies. I tried to read it. The book doesn’t click with me so I gave up on it, but still I thought I’d mention it as there are definitely people who will like it.

Beneath Gray Skies starts in an alternate world where the South and the North of the USA are divided by a border. They have established their own states, some southern states seceded and joined with Mexico. The world is in a strange state, and the president of the southern state engages in talks with a German envoy who tries to get some commerce going between Germany and the southern state, and there is talk about military cooperation as well.

The chapters I read were well written and the characters were well defined even then. I shan’t rate the book as I did not get far enough to form an opinion about it.

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  1. Paul – thank you very much for an honest review. I very much appreciate the fact that the book did not appeal to you did not cause you to dismiss the book out of hand. I wish all reviewers could display the same objectivity. Thank you again.

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