Acknowledgements for Hilda’s 10th book

Dear reader,

I would like to thank the following people who all played a part in making this book a reality:

  • My girlfriend SephiPiderwitch, for creating the cover image. (See more of her work at
  • My wonderful friend Carol Edwards, who again managed to find all the mistakes I tried to hide.
  • Ielja Strik, who will henceforth be known as Elfin.
  • Alfons Gietman, who will enjoy being called Mokum.
  • JoAnn Paules, from now on responding to Johanna Pozzle.
  • Crystal Funderburk, reincarnated as Crystolyne.
  • Angel Rhett, magicked into Ranee.
  • Lonie Willemsen, who will have to learn to pronounce Alo Anapola Lonapoli Lona.

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