Book review – Death of a Kingdom

Title: Death of a Kingdom
Author: M. Edward McNally
Genre: Fantasy

Death of a Kingdom is the second book in the Norothian Cycle (preceded by The Sable City).

Again we meet Matilda Lanai, Zeb, Phinn and many others as they proceed on their journey through the Lands under the Code and those who want to be. As new friends appear and new emotions develop and deepen, also new dangers and problems arise. The problems in Chengdea and Daul increase and boil down to war, a kingdom dies and is left without a ruler. Phinn plays with a forbidden toy and an acquaintance from the Sable City reappears for a moment, and the remarkably strange and dangerous, yet intriguing lady Nesha-tari has a revelation from a side she had not expected.

Death of a Kingdom is a wonderful sequel to the first book. The characters come more to life, and the lands they travel through are depicted in a very image-rich way. The way Mr. McNally has used cultural elements from our world and added them into this series of books, using a nice twist to them, is very appealing and makes the story all the more wonderful.

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