As a surprise and a teaser

Here is the prologue of the Nanowrimo story that I am currently writing:

Welcome on this strange journey through space and time. We are not certain which of those ingredients is present more at the moment, so bear with us until the end and you will know.

As we are reaching our destination, you will see more and more ships in space, which – as you may still know – is the exact purpose of our trip: we are visiting the planet of space shipbuilders to unravel one of the strange mysteries of our future. I mean past. Apologies. We all want to know: where did it come from?

For your convenience their local speech will be translated as quickly as possible. Please forgive our interpreter any minor mistakes as the shipbuilders sometimes tend to speak very quickly.

If you would now please turn your attention to the green card you were handed as you embarked. The card contains minute details on what to do and what not to once we have arrived. The inhabitants of the world we are about to reach are very particular with certain habits, especially the bipedal ones.

Any questions you may still have will be gladly addressed by our crew of experienced space-time stewards and stewardesses.

Thank you.

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