Scribbling – a new book by Jonathan Gould

Dear reader,

On October 25th, a new book will be published. This may not strike you as special, there will be more books out that day, but this one is the long awaited (sort of) sequel to “Doodling”.

The Alexandria Publishing Group is proud to announce Jonathan Gould’s new book “Scribbling”.

For the first two weeks after release, Scribbling will be available for the special bargain price of 99c. But that’s not all. As an extra special bonus, anyone who buys a copy in those two weeks will also get some previously unreleased “outtakes” from Doodling – a chance to meet some new characters, encounter some familiar ones in new ways, and get an insight into the way the story was developed.

We’ll let you know more, so stay tuned!


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