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Since a few weeks I am an official member of the staff on Podioracket.com. I was asked by my friend Arlene Radaski to supply background news from the world of Indie writers and Indie publishing.

Podioracket brings out a delightful online radio-show every two weeks on Blogtalk Radio, which can be listened to live, or enjoyed later through a podcast that is available of each show. Podioracket is created and done by Rhonda Carpenter and Arlene Radaski. Both ladies themselves are brilliant writers and authors, you deprive yourself of good reading if you do not have a look at their work.



You can find Rhonda’s book The mark of a Druid as an e-book on Smashwords and in print on Amazon.com.



Arlene wrote a magnificent book called The Fox, also in e-book format on Smashwords.

The printed version is available through Amazon.com.



If ever you feel like it, drop in on the radio show, or download the podcast. You can find the information on www.podioracket.com.

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  1. We are currently not on BTR but feel free to go back and listen to those archived episodes on the play on the site. Peter we are so happy to have you on the staff! your blogs add a lot to our Lineup on Podioracket.com

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