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Welcome to yet another Monday. Let me show you today’s Indie Promotion to shake the weekend away from you:

The Unraveling

The Unraveling by Christopher Hunter
by Alexandria Publishing Group author Christopher Hunter
(first book in the series “The Days and Months We Were First Born“)

Ebook Short Description: In the summer of 2068, New Yorker Martin Jacob had a sweet life ahead of him. He had recently graduated from NYU. He spent most of his time with his artist girlfriend, who had a wonderful apartment in Harlem. And in September, he was to begin his career as a History teacher for a private school in Connecticut. An easy life was laid out before him. Then a man-made virus came along, and it turned his world upside down.

Martin wakes to find a disheveled President addressing the nation. His girlfriend is driven mad with grief, right before his very eyes. His parents call to inform him that they are going to die. And he steps outside to find Martial Law on the streets.

“The Days and Months We Were First Born- The Unraveling” is book one of Martin’s epic tale of survival. At times funny, at times heartbreaking, and at times action packed, this book will take the reader on an unforgettable journey.

Note: Adult-content rating. This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.


Where to find: this e-book is available from Amazon.com and Smashwords.

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