Workload ahead.

Dear reader, sometimes it is hard to decide what to do next. Do you share that view? For me at this point in time the decision runs along the following:

  • start with the next Hilda the Wicked Witch story (number 11);
  • continue and finish “Bristol Dream”;
  • continue and finish “Daniel and Rayko”, the sequel to “Bactine”;
  • continue and finish a special little project for the Alexandria Publishing Group (take priority);
  • continue with the Lily Marin book.

Along all that are also the preparations for Nanowrimo, the writer’s madness for November.

I already hear the Hilda fans yell that Hilda has to take priority, which of course I fully understand. Just as the Lily Marin fans will claim that Lily must take priority. Perhaps I need a decision-making device. Incidentally there is one here, right on the screen!

2 thoughts on “Workload ahead.”

  1. I have become a Hilda fan. I’m just wondering how many more books you are planning in that series. I’m on #6 with the next 4 all lined up on my nook ready to read. Thanks

    1. Hello Karen,

      I don’t really have a plan for the Hilda books. For now I have planned part 11 and 12, and I intend to keep writing Hilda until either I run out of ideas, or everyone tells me to stop. At this moment Hilda is too much fun for me to write, so I am convinced there will be a nice set of books to follow. I hope this answers your question.

      Paul Kater

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