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Dead Men Tell No Tales

by Alexandria Publishing Group author Jeffrey Kosh

Ebook Short Description: The Caribbean Sea, 1708 AD.
War between the Northern Alliance and the League of the Antilles is well underway. In the New World, what is left of humanity fights for dominance and a return to glory; because the Old World died in the Great Plague of 1666. For this plague carried a curse worse than pestilence, as the dead themselves attacked the living, adding them in their growing endless wave. Yet the truth behind the Risen plague and the Old World’s death has never been told. In Port Royal, an old sailor is more than willing to spin his tale.
‘Aye me lad, have a seat next to me and listen to the true story of the Black Brig.’
No one is going to tell you the truth in this Brave New World. Because Dead Men tell no tales.

Set in an alternate historical setting, Dead Men Tell No Tales, narrates the events that brought a great disaster to an end in 1676. Pirates, voodoo, and seagoing undead await in this fantastic journey in a land that never was.


Where to find: this e-book is available fromAmazon.com,Amazon.co.ukand Smashwords.com.

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