Nanowrimo 2012

Dear reader,

I finally have the right idea for this year’s Nanowrimo. It will be about an orchestra. Not an ordinary orchestra of course. A while ago at the gym I had the first idea for it, which involved a gym (back then). The idea took hold and morphed a few times, from gym to school, to undertaker firm, to some things I don’t even (want or care to) recall, and finally to the orchestra.


So far as I can tell now, the director of the orchestra is also a librarian. All the members of the orchestra have their own background and occupation, and each one will be featured in a chapter. Well, that is the idea for now. It is not November yet and once the ideas start bubbling and boiling there is no telling what else can jump from the cauldron of my mind…

4 thoughts on “Nanowrimo 2012”

  1. Hello Paul, I am totally enjoying your Hilda series. I am up to book seven i believe. Is there any place i can view a whole image of the cover art by Victoria Smith? I have spent hours scouring internet including facebook. Thank you for the fantasy world you let me escape to.

    1. Good day Lisa,

      Thank you for your kind comments on the Hilda books, I am always delighted to hear from people that they like the adventures of the wicked witch.

      The original artwork of Hilda, as created by Victoria Smith, has not made it to the internet yet, but today I’ll put a version of it on my website so the world can admire what she has created from my descriptions and her imagination.

      I hope you enjoy the art and the other books,


      1. Thank you Paul. I was thrilled to see Hilda, its great! I am an artist and love other peoples artwork. If it would not offend i would like to send some of my art to you. I am a cancer patient and have not been inspired to write or draw in many years. You may have done so, i have also read the Lily stories. I enjoyed them very much and look forward to reading all your work. My vision has deteriorated, but recieved a Nook as a gift to get me back to reading again. I must say it worked and devour books at a voracious rate. I may attempt my vision of your characters with your blessing, and if my body will cooperate. Thank you so much for taking the time, and to respond so quickly!

  2. P.S. They do say rare things happen ‘once in a blue moon…’ maybe my muse has returned. )O( Blessed be… )O( Lisa in Colorado USA

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