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I shall be engaging in a number of interviews with independent authors. May you find these informative, entertaining, and perhaps even inspiring to go out and locate their books!

This interview is with author Payal Roy.

 Dear Payal, can you offer us a little insight into who you are?

My name is Payal Roy. I was born in India , but presently travel around the world as a freelance writer and an author. I am an author, a poet, a wanderer and an observer of nature and people. I like travelling and making new friends, stirring up a conversation with people about new concepts, new ideas and I wander amidst nature writing short stories and poems. I draw inspiration from nature’s beauty and what life brings my way. Most of all, I find poetry in everywhere I go, in everything I do and I believe everybody is a poet at heart and have creativity .

 What is the reason that you started writing? When did you start writing?

Since childhood I have been an avid reader. When I used to read the stories and novels I often found myself imagining and floating in the worlds of fictitious characters, thinking about them and wishing to talk to them. When I used to finish a book that I loved a lot,  I wanted to stay in touch with the characters in my mind. This enchanting magic of reading a book, and savoring the thought of concocting stories and characters out of thin air which would entertain and enliven the mind and the heart led me to explore my creativity. I began with writing poetry, somehow it came to me naturally. Then I followed with short stories and a few novels.

I began writing when I was probably 12 years old in junior school. I started with poetry. Then as I grew older and reached high school I began writing short stories followed by novels when I grew up.

  Are you writing under a pen-name, do you use your own, or is your work out in both ways?

I write under my own name.

 What, do you think, is your best book? And why is that?

At present I have 2 of my books released as Ebooks across Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Smashwords and Apple iBookstores.

One is of the genre- Poetry (thematic) titled MEMOIRS:THE SOULFUL RECOLLECTION Friendship and Life – a collection of 41 poems and 1 article drawing inspiratin and topics from nature, life and relations with friends and people we come across in our daily lives.

The other is a collection of short stories- contemporary fiction, drama, friends and family read. It is titled 12 PRECIOUS ANCEDOTES FROM LIFE.

I believe since these 2 Ebooks belong to a completely different genre, and are successfully building up their reach to a variety of readers, who are interested to explore and read such genres, so, to me both these Ebooks are my best works so far. Otherwise I wouldn’t have published my works if I was not sure about them.

The Ebook Memoirs : The Soulful Recollection on poetry is a colorful book, its pages splashed with original nature photographs taken from my travels to various beautiful locales across Europe. The poems and the article are sometimes unrhymed, and at other times rhymed, but most of all , they aim to take the readers into their depths of reflections about the good things in life, which though little and ordinary, are priceless and the most precious of all.

The other Ebook 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life which is a collection of 12 short stories, aim at arising a flow of thoughts and queries in the mind of readers, as they begin to feel and live in the world of fictitious characters , each of whom have a story to tell in each chapter. These stories are unique and entertaining and I found that words literally flowed out of my pen effortlessly as I wrote down the stories. The plots flashed through my mind and I wrote down how I saw the characters in my mind’s eye.

 Naturally, after the best book, what is your worst, if there is one? And why do you feel that way?

I would say, till date I haven’t felt any of my works as worse. Each of my works have been unique and diverse. So, I cannot comment on this question.

 How do you think your writing has changed over time? Did it change at all?

Over time, my writing has grown to be more consolidated and has included newer words, and I have kept learning new vocabulary and consulting thesaurus. During my childhood days, my writing was more simplified with words learnt in school and from the simple vocabulary that I explored back then. The characters I created during my childhood days were formulaic and simple. But after I grew up and began exploring different genres and writing more diversely, my writing became more detailed, organized, and sometimes I did a lot of research about a plot or a character I wanted to create and develop.

 And can you say that writing has changed you?

To some extent writing has changed me for the better. It has made me more creative and enthusiastic about pursuing newer areas in writing. It has also made me more patient, self disciplined, organized and persevering. The world of writers is a tough one, but it has its own charisma and writing has instilled in me a resolute desire to create newer books with a penchant to expand the thought process and entertain the readers at the same time.

 What is the most daring thing you ever did or tried in your writing? In which book did that happen?

The most daring thing that I tried to do in my writing was to speak my mind directly and candidly , what I thought was right and ought to be done in unique and complicated situations when most of us look the other way when such difficult situations arise in our lives. Such flows of expressions took place in my short story collection 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life.

 Is there something you still want to have a go at, in your writing life? Is there a challenge you envision that’s worth pursuing?

I want to explore romance (with a touch of thriller-action) and fantasy (similar to Tolkien and Eragon) genres, and I wish to write novels and short stories in these genres.

One of my greatest and most cherished challenges that I envision worth pursuing is to write my Memoirs and biography someday when I grow old and retire.

 Has your writing ever been compared to the writing of another (perhaps even famous) writer/author? And do you like that?

Compard to other famous authors I am still a newbie in the world of writing (smiles). If  I receive a feedback related to this aspect , I will surely let you know! (laughs)

 Do you have one or two favourite books (written by someone else)? If so, what are they, and why do they appeal to you so much?

I have a couple of favourites.

One is from Colin Forbes, the famous author of the Tweed Series of  mystery-thriller novels. I loved his novel titled Shockwave. Colin Forbes has this superb ability of gluing the reader to his novels, so powerful are his plots, extensive research, minute details and character development. Whenever I read the novel, I can visualize the entire story, its characters, their every movement and I literally race along with them as the plot advances . It makes me enthusiastic and engrossed so much that when I finish reading, I wish I had never finished the book! Time flashes by in a whisker.

Another one is Little Women , the literary classic by Louisa May Alcott. I loved the way the author has showcased the story and the richness of her writing, the molding of the characters and their emotions through the years and how they support one another through good and bad times. It has inspired me and instilled the desire to create stories which would make the reader feel closer to the characters and evoke thoughtful reflections as the reader goes through the stories.

 Which book you ever read would you label as least readable book, so far? Feel free to comment as liberally as you want to the why.

There have been a few books that I haven’t been able to complete, like many other readers. Nothing particular comes to my mind. The pace of the plot and the writing matters to me. If the pace is slow and the writing is too heavy for me to reflect upon, I feel bored and I cannot finish the book.

Is there a book that you know of that should never have been published, in your opinion?

No, nothing of that sort.

 Is there a writer that you would love to co-write a book with? And what genre would you like to write in then? Something you’re familiar with?

I would love to co-write a book in the genre of romance and fantasy novels (no erotica). However, I don’t have anyone particular in my mind as an exclusive co-author. I am open to suggestions and experimenting my work co-authoring with different experienced authors in that field.

 Let’s see… is there something in the realm of ‘wise words’ you once picked up that you would like to share? This does not have to be limited to writing, there is more to life than writing. At least, I heard there is. 😉

: “Wise words” ? Let’s see…(reflecting mode) how about : “What goes around, comes around, so look out for doing good deeds for your own sake and making better lives.”

 And as a last question, what is cooking with you? What’s your work in progress? Is there a tip of a veil that you can lift for us?

My 3rd Ebook is going to be released soon. It is a poetry Ebook again, this time half of the poems would be centred around Speculative, Fantasy genres while the other half would be based on realistic fiction and themes from nature, life and emotions . I bet many of you haven’t read fantasy stories in the form of poetry from newbie authors. So, once my 3rd Poetry Ebook has been published, look out for a poetry Ebook by Payal Roy and jump into the realms of Fantasy and Fictional poetry.

 If there is anything else you would like to share, for example a thought, some promotion for your book(s), then here’s your chance!

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Thank you, Payal, for your time, and for sharing your words with us!

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