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You may have heard of an enterprise called Apple. You know, they have Macs and iphones and ipads and ibooks. Oh, wait, make that e-books. has an interesting article on where Apple’s online e-book-store gets most of its titles:

As the CEO of Smashwords, a 14-person company in Los Gatos, Calif., Coker gives authors free self-publishing software that converts Word documents into ­
e-book files—and lets them set the price. Through ­distribution partnerships those e-books line the shelves of digital bookstores run by Apple, Barnes &NobleSony and Kobo. No deal yet with Amazon.

Smashwords publishes 127,000 titles by 44,000 writers, each of whom collects at least 60% of royalties—four times the amount offered by traditional publishers. The company takes a 10% cut of the proceeds from partner sales and 15% (after credit card fees) from books sold through its own website.

If you want to read the full story, please follow this link to the Forbes website.

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