Lily Marin – the book

Dear reader,

This title may make you wonder. Why ‘the book’? There are already 2 books. Yes, there are 2 books with 3 short stories each. However, considering the success of these two books and mainly the wonderful feedback I received, I am venturing into writing a proper book about Lily Marin, the singer with her mysterious background. I don’t know if this will become the conclusion to Lily and her adventures; at this moment I have about 1100 words written so to make any statements is far too early.

It is a lot easier, I notice, to write a proper book than it is to put so much information and story inside the confines of a short story. Still I am very glad that I wrote these 6 very short stories. It was a great way to introduce and develop Lily and the people around her. As a safeguard for this coming story I made a number of notes to use for the book. Safeguard? Yes. The short stories around Lily were very difficult to write for me. The last 3 took me about a year. The notes I have now should get me through the story a bit swifter. Which does not mean it will be done faster though, as this book will most certainly contain more text (and adventure!) than the other 2 previous books combined.

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