Book review – Heart of the Gods

Title: Heart of the Gods
Author: Valerie Douglas
Genre: Fantasy

Heart of the Gods. The first book I read that mixed fantasy and ancient Egypt. And what a surprising read this made. Meet Ky Farrar, a man driven by a passion to learn about the Tomb of the Guardian that is hidden somewhere in the vastness of the Egyptian desert. A tomb that has been looked for by many and so far found by no one. Together with his team he ventures on a journey to locate the tomb. As a reward, he gets beaten up, shot at, and almost thrown out of the country. Meeting a mysterious woman who knows her way around the Egyptian culture is an extra reward. But who is this woman that steals Ky’s heart?

If you want to know more about tombs, Djinns, and the old Egyptian Gods, then this fast-paced book is definitely one you should not miss.

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