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Dear reader,

Let me speak a bit about reading. I am convinced you read, well, so do I. Reading is a wonderful way to pass the time. I’m reading 2 books at the moment.

Gods of Atlantis. I’m almost halfway through this one, and I am still not certain what to make of it, or where it’s going. There is a lot of information in the pages, lots of dialogue with many facts, between scientists and researchers about Atlantis, the third Reich of Hitler, archaeology, and stolen art. The book moves forward very slowly after an initial exciting deep-sea dive, and I really need to feel calm to continue reading this one. Otherwise I get frustrated with the slow pace of the writing, and I would toss it aside. But I am too curious to do that.

The Hunger Games. Everyone talks about it. There is a film about it. I want to read it. This book moves a lot faster than Gods of Atlantis. After reading about a third of it, I am still working to get a feel for the environment in which the main character lives, although that gets easier now. The setting of the story is fascinating and becomes more and more intriguing, the more as I know that there is going to be a sharp twist in the story, something unexpected (it is hard to avoid spoilers in the age of the Internet), but so far I managed to avoid the details, so this is still open for discovery for me.


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