Raw numbers

Dear reader,

If you do not like numbers, please stop reading now. Otherwise, carry on. I shall give some insight in numbers concerning my books.

I started publishing in July 2010, so that is not even 2 years ago.

The first 7 Hilda books were and will be free. The total in downloads of these 7 books as I write this is 163,773 copies. The other free books (Aeroparts, Lily Marin) total 10,528 copies.

The first book I started to actually sell was Bactine. This has been sold 73 times since June 2011. After that, Hilda 8 hit the virtual shelves in January 2012, and that’s been sold 564 times so far (can we say that the witch is popular?). Next up came the Devil’s Diary, which shows 10 sales since March 2012. And last but not least, there is Hilda 9, which shows 9 sales after barely 2 days.

The story that’s been most downloaded is Hilda 1, showing a proud 65,608 downloads. (And there I was, in the beginning, wondering who on earth would want to read what I write.)

If you are still here, perhaps with calculator in hand, you probably have reached a total of 174,957 downloads for both free and paid books. Yes, I am 43 copies away from 175,000 downloads. In less than 2 years.

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    1. Uhm, yes, indeed. I recall you made a remark towards these ends, even if you are not the kind of person to repeat that here. *grin*
      Thanks for the push, Arlene!

  1. I’ve searched the site to prevent a question that might have been previously answered but since I wasn’t successful (or perhaps, blind) is there a Hilda 10 in the works? I’m fairly sure with more than one an appearance by the white rabbit, there must be more. I thoroughly enjoy the Hilda series and look forward to future books in the series.

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