Lily Marin’s steampunk adventures

Dear reader,

I am wondering about something. I’ve written a set of short steampunk stories, 3 are out in a book, 3 are pending for that. I discovered however that writing these stories is very… difficult. Cumbersome. Slow. I really like the stories how they come out, but they drive me insane. Also, the number of downloads is not that high (the book is free) probably because of the niche genre.

I am really wondering if I should keep writing these stories, or if it is better to focus on what goes more easily, gets done faster. It would be the easy way out, though. The steampunk shorts are challenges, and I dare to think that those push my writing in a particular way.

Time will tell what happens.

2 thoughts on “Lily Marin’s steampunk adventures”

  1. Tough question, Paul. I know that I am compelled to write at times, and sometimes it is not easy. However, you have limited time, which would you rather be writing now? Later, if you still want to, steampunk or another genre may be in the cards for you.

    Personallly, steampunk is not a genre I go to often to read.

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