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Dear reader,

Hilda – Aiaia, the ninth book  in the series around the wicked witch, is now also available through Barnes&Noble for the NOOK reader, and through Apple’s iTunes.

Of course the published books-page shows this, but I think it is good to let everyone know through this medium as well.

Enjoy Hilda – Aiaia!

3 thoughts on “Hilda – Aiaia news”

  1. I just finished your third book in the Hilda series, and I ennjoyed it very much. I already have the complete series on my Nook Tablet, and I’m really looking forward to starting the next one, Hilda and Zelda. Seeing as I’m off the next two days, you can bet what I’ll be doing! I’d like to see this series made into a movie series. I’d bet it would rival even Harry Potter, which I am also into. LoL

    Again, thanks for writing suck great books!

    Joe Theer

    1. Dear Joe,
      Thank you for your enthusiastic message about the Hilda books, I appreciate it very very much! Enjoy the adventures of Hilda and her friends – book 10 is already in the works of being written!

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