Book review – Retribution Falls

Title: Retribution Falls
Author: Chris Wooding
Genre: Steampunk

Welcome aboard the Ketty Jay, and meet its raggedy collection of crew members. The Ketty Jay is an airship, commanded by Darian Frey. Although ‘commanded’ is, especially in the beginning, an overrated word.

Frey and his crew are set up to kill the son of an important person, and then half the world falls over them in pursuit. It takes the crew of the Ketty Jay a lot of hardship and work to turn the tide.

Retribution Falls is a story with a lot of action, a good eye for details, and Mr. Wooding did an excellent job of telling the reader about the background of every crew-member on his ship. I enjoyed the book thoroughly, with its well thought out plot and very interesting and also endearing characters.

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