Book review – Dying of the light.

Title: Dying of the Light
Author: George R.R. Martin
Genre: Science Fiction

In Dying of the Light George Martin takes the reader to the planet of Worlorn, a Festival Planet that is one of the largest accomplishments of civilisation. The planet is in an outer region of known space, built for fun, boasting wealth by mocking any common sense for its existence. Dirk t’Laurien travels to Worlorn when he receives something, a gem belonging to his former love Gwen Delvano. To his surprise he finds her there in entirely different circumstances than he could have imagined, and together they live through one adventure through the next nightmare, as the former rulers of High Kavalaan, a distant planet, are trying to get to them. In more than one way.

A wonderful and worthwhile read, with more than one surprising end.

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