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Dear reader and perhaps user of Writer’s Café,

So far I have only displayed the magic of Writer’s Café for writing stories, books, novels and so forth. The software however is not limited to that. It is also designed to be a great help for writing plays and other scenarios. For this, there are several tools; the easiest of those being the special play-writing styles that are predefined. A tiny example of this is:

Click image for a larger view

Using these styles, which you can of course copy and customise to your heart’s content, it is very easy to create a smoothly running dialogue, insert scene-changes and descriptions that you feel should be noted.

After the writing, there is of course the aspect of time. How long does a scene take? How long are people talking? Is there something that needs to be done here, and how do we decide on that? For this purpose, Writer’s Café has a great tool. It is a timer. You can find the timer in the View menu, just click “Timer…” there, and you will see:

Click image for larger view

You can use this handy little tool to time how long it takes for a particular part of dialogue to be spoken, and perhaps decide there is too much text, or too little, or that the actors need to speak at a certain speed to put everything in the given time.

As I am not a playwright, I am probably not even touching half the options that Writer’s Café offers for writing plays, but at least you have now seen that the software is also capable of handling this.

Remember: you can get a free trial version of Writer’s Café at the Writer’s Café website. Writer’s Café runs on Microsoft Windows, just about any flavour of Linux, and on Mac computers.

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  1. Thanks for the email to Writer’s Cafe users which brought me to your website and the hints about WC. I love WC and know I do not use it either enough or completely. I’ll enjoy exploring your website.

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