Nook Tops The Amazon Kindle, in Consumer Reports

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When you hear the word “ereader”, chance are you automatically think of the Amazon Kindle. After that initial thought, your mind goes through the rest of the list – Nook, iPad, Sony, and Kobo.

It is no surprise that the Kindle has left such a lasting impression on you and the rest of the world. Amazon chose a winner when it made the decision to market the Kindle. The Kindle has been the top ebook reader of Consumer Reports since it first hit the market – until now.

According to the latest Consumer Reports review of Amazon’s Kindle compared to Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch, the new Nook takes the top position. It’s not like the new Nook won by a landslide – the Kindle put up a good fight, scoring equal points for battery life. Pricing was equal, too, since both offer Wi-Fi connectivity in the $140 price range. the new Nook placed first by ONE, that’s right, ONE point. if this were a race, it would definitely be a photo finish.

So, how did the new Nook do it? how did it finally score higher than its biggest rival, a rival that has always held the top spot and been the leader in the world of ereaders? It comes down to simplicity. the Nook Simple Touch is just that – simple. according to Consumer Reports, B&N followed Amazon’s lead by focusing on “reading with minimal fuss and extra features”.

The new Nook learned from its mistakes with the Nook Color. instead of giving users all the muss and fuss, B&N stripped the new Nook down to the bare essentials, allowing it to shine for what it really is – a reading device. It even comes equipped with a program that allows you to check out library books for free, another simple, but useful function that Amazon overlooked.

Don’t think that Amazon is going to take this beatin’ lying down! this slap-in-the-face could be just what Amazon needs to rock out some new features and enhancements. Consumer Reports will have future comparison tests and there is no doubt that Amazon will be ready. They already have a similar library program in the works. With a few other firmware updates, the Kindle could easily take its place back at the top. but for now, Barnes & Noble can bask in the glory of their coveted top Consumer Reports rating. That’s right, Grasshopper, you have finally surpassed the Master.

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