3 thoughts on “How green are e-books?”

  1. What I want to know is, how is the reader itself accounted for, and all the electricity it takes to run the thing? How much plastic is required? How much heavy metal? What about the environmental impact of the petroleum required, the mining to get the minerals, and the environmental damage of the hydro, coal, nuclear or other power that is used to generate power to run and recharge all those e-readers?

    What about when an ebook reader is no longer functional? Can it be 100% recycled? Can it be mulched or pulped? You can pretty much do that with most books, particularly with paperbacks.

    This infographic only talks about actual paper books. It doesn’t talk at all about making the ebook readers.

    Until I see something that takes the technology of the readers into account, I can only read this as pro-e-reader propaganda.

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