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It is Monday again. This makes it Indie Promotion time. Today:

Benny and the Bank Robber 2: Doctor Dad

by Mary C. Findley.

Ebook Short Description: With Jeremy Carlisle freed from prison and the promise of an exciting future together in marriage to his mother, Benny Richardson is sure there can be no more trouble in his life. But simple things like a wedding and a trip West just kept getting pushed further and further into the future. Benny still finds out how many ways God can make “all things new,” how a trick-playing black stallion can help pay for a medical license, and how there can be one or two more things “made new” before he finally has a home with a mother and a father.

Benny and the Bank Robber has a special Christmas ending, which makes it a special read for everyone who likes that time of year.

Where to find.
You can find the e-book on If you want to know more about the author, visit her on Facebook.

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