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Dear reader,

Even though I am trying to commit to writing something in one of the stories in progress every day, I hardly got anything done yesterday. The temperatures were extreme for this country. Waking up to -18C / 0F was already shocking. Going shopping when it had “heated up” to -12C/10F was quite draining. The hot moment of the day was -7C/19F. During that time I was outside a lot also, away on some personal business that one usually has to take care of in person. Which is obvious, but when you know my writing, you know about my addiction to state the obvious once in a while.

The only thing that ended up being written is the start of a short piece that has been running around in my head ever since I decided what my Nanowrimo project for 2011 would be, which turned into Green Haven . This piece, for now, is simply called “The Park”. When it’s done, it will probably find its way to this website, where it will be readable for free. I don’t have big plans for it, at this point in time, it is just something that demands to be written.

Have a wonderful Sunday, dear visitor, and may your life be good. Over here the temperatures are rising again (at this moment it’s only -10C/14F) and the weather-frogs are promising sunshine.

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