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Dear reader and user of Writer’s Café,

This post I want to address the reporting function of Writer’s Café. A report is a quick way to see how your work would look when it is displayed in a word processor or in print.

The report tab

Accessible by mouse or on the press of F6 (Linux, Windows), a report will be generated and shown inside the report window. The report default, as chosen in your preferences, will be shown initially. This can be altered by using the dropdown box on the left over the report:

Type of report

If you select another type of report, the display will update itself according to your wish. The other dropdown box will allow you to control what part of your work will be displayed as a report:

Limiting the report

If your entire report is far too large to examine for the forty-seventh time, you can restrict the report to the current sheet you are working on, or even just the storyline level you are one.

If you want to alter the defaults of the report, and influence other settings, you click the wrench-symbol on the far right, next to the dropdown boxes:

This in turn will reward you with a dialogue window in which you can set and unset everything to your heart’s content, until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Report preference dialogue

(You can click this image for a larger version if you want.)

The report is valuable if you are working on setting the proper styles and formats for parts of your work. Once you see how powerful and fast it is, you will learn to love it, if you do your formatting inside Writer’s Café.

Remember: you can get a free trial version of Writer’s Café at the Writer’s Café website. Writer’s Café runs on Microsoft Windows, just about any flavour of Linux, and on Mac computers.

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