Preparing an e-book to publish on Smashwords

Dear reader, perhaps also fellow writer,

I have noticed that there are people who are still not certain how they should make up their books or other publishing material, in order to easily get them accepted by Smashwords.

It is a lot of work to get your work formatted the way you like it. I know, I’ve been there. For Smashwords however, there is a very useful e-book, written by Smashwords originator Mark Coker. It is the Smashwords Style Guide .

The book is available for everyone, is absolutely free, and once you applied the tips that are presented in there, your book should not have problems being accepted in the Smashwords Meatgrinder, which is the name of the program that converts your Word document to the formats in which you want your e-book published.

I have also found that, once your book is done in this way, it is childsplay to also get your book accepted on, as the Smashwords regulations for formatting and so forth appear to be more strict than those on Amazon.

A piece of advice I can give you is: once you had your first book accepted, and you like the layout of it, make a copy of that document, clear out all the text except for pointers what goes where, and save that as a template for future publications. That way your new document, based on this template, will already have the proper settings for headings, chapters, line spacing and indents, and you just need to pour your text into it.

With thanks to Mark Coker, for setting up and providing a book on how to fix your documents to get your work online as easily as possible.

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