Kindle Devices: Availability and Prices for International Users

Kindle 4


In this post I’ll track changes in prices and availability of Kindle devices for non-US customers.

I’ll update it every time a price will change or a new model will become available.

The chart below lists devices in Kindle Stores localized in six countries: US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Kindle devices from US store are shipping to over 170 countries and destinations – here is the country list for Kindle 4.

However, the recently added Kindle Touch can’t be bought by users from 5 countries where there are local Kindle Stores: UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. This fact leaves non-US users confused as to what is available, for which price, and in which store. This post gathers all info from different stores to show a clear picture.

Versions with special offers are excluded from a list, as they are offered only for US customers. Kindle Touch WiFi has replaced Kindle Keyboard WiFi in US store. In fact, the last model has disappeared from the offer at all. If you’re desperate to buy it, you can get it… from a German store.

At today’s currency rates (07.02.2012), the cost of Kindle 4 in localized stores converted to dollars is:
– $132 (€99) for Germany, France, Italy and Spain ( 1 EUR = 1.33 USD )
– $142 (£89) in United Kingdom ( 1 GBP = 1.59 USD )

I’ve checked if this is possible for users in one of the 5 countries to order the device in Kindle Store US, even when this particular model is available in their local store. To do that I’ve added a shipping address in France. First, I double-checked Kindle Touch and confirm – it’s not possible.

When it comes to Kindle 4 – you can order it from Kindle Store US. Shipping and handling from US to France is $20.98, plus import fees deposit $25.48. Total to pay is $155.46. It looks like for users in countries with their own Kindle Stores, it’s more cost-effective to buy in the local store.

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