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It is Monday again, so I present to you: today’s Indie Promotion:

Immortal Link

by Uta Burke

Ebook Short Description: Fifteen-year-old Catholine Kennan has these two cool, gorgeous brothers, the kind every girl wishes to have. They protect and care about their younger sister. They are hot. They are funny. They are also extremely troubled by what one of their friends did to her, and all three suffer in their own way. Whom will you be crazy about: dark, responsible Louis, who tries to keep the family together, or golden, free-spirited, athletic wonder Charlie, who would rather die than let his sister’s attacker get away with what he did?

Immortal Link. For victims of abuse – Immortal Link – You hurt me, I’ll hurt you MORE. (Young Adult Paranormal.)

Where to find.
You can find Immortal Link on as ane-book and also apaperback.

You can learn more about Uta Burke on her website and her facebook-page.

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