Book review – Heat Rises

Title: Heat Rises
Author: Richard Castle
Genre: Detective

Heat Rises is the third book in the series coming from the series “Castle”. We return to the lives of police detective Nikki Heat and writer Jameson Rook.

Problems arise in every area of their lives, and things get really difficult when they find out that their attempts to find the truth is hindered by someone that is least a suspect to do that.

I very much appreciated this book. The characters are deepened, their problems feel real. I am a bit tempted to take off half a star, because some situations seem a bit unreal, but considering that the story takes place in New York City, and knowing the background of the bad guys, I’ll leave it at 5.

I hope there will be a next book, I love the writing style and the humour in it, which is so identical to the television series.


2 thoughts on “Book review – Heat Rises”

  1. Is the TV show “Castle” based on this book? His name is Richard Castle and the character in his book is Nikkie Heat. I didn’t know the series was based on a real author and book. I’m going to have to read this as I LOVE the TV show.

    1. Actually, the books are from the series. In the series, Richard Castle writes the books, and they are actually published, which is a lot of fun. 🙂

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