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Dear reader, or should I say writer, user of Writer’s Café.

Writer’s Café can do auto-replace for you, since its latest release (version 2.30). Some people want it, some have no need for it, but the auto-replace in Writer’s Café is quite versatile and customisable.

To see the auto-replace options, open the View menu and select “Auto-Replace Preferences…” This shows you the auto-replace window:

Auto-replace window

Here you can enable and disable autoreplace, and when you enable it, you can specify exactly which symbols and/or characters should be substituted when you use them.

You have the option to add new combinations, and delete them as well. Clicking the ‘add’ button allows you to enter a character, symbol or word, and the ( … ) button there pops up an extra window with symbols, so you can easily select, for instance, the Yen symbol and have that show when you type (yen) .



You can use auto-replace also as a comfortable tool to quickly type complicated words, for instance when you have to type “5-¢1-Hydroxy-2-(heterocyclic-amino)!alkyl-8-hydroxy-3,4-dihydrocarbostyril derivatives” very often. Generate a shortcut through auto-replace, e.g. “(5hh)” and let Writer’s Café do the hard work for you.

The second tab in the window allows you to switch between the ‘straight quotes’ and ‘curly quotes’:

Quotes, straight or curly










Remember: you can get a free trial version of Writer’s Café at the Writer’s Café website. Writer’s Café runs on Microsoft Windows, just about any flavour of Linux, and on Mac computers.

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