Have you encountered this one, dear reader? “tl;dr”.

More and more, the world is becoming overloaded with acronyms and abbreviations, everything is thrown in to make life and communication as fast as possible. (And while writing this, again I wonder why nobody has ever made a decent abbreviation for the word abbreviation, which is quite long for what it stands for. 😉 )

Are a lot of the things written these days not worth reading? (It is amazing how often ‘tl;dr’ comes up in a Google search.) Are many people too busy to read long pieces? (In which case I should keep this short!) Or is there a general tendency to skip longer pieces of text altogether?

Luckily Wikipedia comes to the rescue: “Too long; didn’t read” (abbreviated “TL;DR“, “tl;dr“, “Tl;Dr“) is used on the Internet as a reply to an excessively long written statement. The term indicates that the reader did not actually read the statement due to its undue length.

I dread the day that a book review simply states “tl;dr”.

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