Paperback writer

Dear reader,

You may all be familiar with the song of the Beatles, which bears the same name as this post does. Why did I pick this one? Exactly. You are too smart to fool; it is about paper(back) books.

Upto now only a few of my books are available on paper, and I am seriously wondering if there are people who prefer these paper versions to the e-books that are so popular. (This is something I can safely say without exaggerating, seeing that Hilda the Wicked Witch so far has been downloaded over 54.000 times, and Snow-White revisited over 35.000 times. Yes, I am watching you! 😉 )

The books that are available on paper at this moment are:

  • Hilda the Wicked Witch – book 1 ( link )
  • Hilda – Snow-White revisited – book 2 ( link )
  • Hilda – Dragon Master – book 8 ( link )

I know, this selection looks rather random, and… it is. These books ‘happened’ on paper out of curiosity. The first one because I had no idea what it would look like. The eighth one because it was a lot thicker than the first one. And number two… simply because I wanted to!

What do you think?
More Hilda on paper? Would anyone be interested in a real paper copy of Lily Marin’s stories, or Daniel’s adventures in Bactine? I’m genuinely curious about your opinion in this, dear reader. Should I invest time in formatting books for paper publication, or best to keep focussing on the writing of new chapters and stories and books?

The original.
Let me leave you now, with the opportunity to enjoy the song of the Beatles, after all this. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Paperback Writer.

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