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It is Monday again, so I present to you: today’s Indie Promotion:


by Kiexiza Tashua G. Rodriquez

Ebook Short Description: Tierra Rodriquez, by most people’s standards, is living the glamorous life. She is a successful business woman, who has worked her way up the male dominated ladder, despite being haunted by ghosts from her past. But while she tries to juggle life, work, friendship, and a new love, Tierra finds her tightly wound cord of lies beginning to unravel for the first time in her adult life. It all begins, with a unexpected call from her best friend Qu, who desires to rekindle their lapsed friendship. Before you know it things in both of their lives take an uncertain and unfamiliar turn.

Beautiful is an Inspirational Mystery Romance Novel. It is part 1 of the “Beautiful Mess” series.

Where to find.
You can find the e-book on Kiexiza’s website, at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon.

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