“I don’t know how to start.”

This is what I read on a forum I occasionaly visit, dear reader.

Same problem as always… I have no idea how to start. I think the fact that I’ve been trying to write on my idea – on and off – for the past 11 years doesn’t help the situation very much…
… and I’m developing a cold. All things that don’t help very much

Perhaps this is something that many authors and writers suffer from, I have honestly no idea. But when I saw this, I had an idea. As almost always. I wrote, in response:

Do you have a bit of a view on how your idea in the story will go? For instance, suppose you are in it for a while, do you know of a situation that should arise, the people who are in it and what they should do, where they should be, what they want to achieve?

(If not, can you think one up?)

You do not have to start writing your story at the beginning. Jump over that difficult part, start writing from where it should already be flowing, and go on from there. Oel omum futa this is a strange way of doing it, but it has already helped several people I know.
Important thing is to get going, shape the situation, build the environment. And if all goes as planned, you may get an idea on how to build backwards towards the start.

3. The girl looked around and did not know how to get out of the forest.
4. A car approached and stopped. The driver found her.
5. In the hospital she discovered she had lost her purse.
2. The girl was happy with the purse she got from grandma and hurried home, taking a shortcut through the forest.
6. The driver went to look for her purse and found it in the bushes.
1. A girl got a call from grandma, who asked if she could come see her. (Look here, we have a start!)
7. The girl and her purse lived happily ever after.

I do admit that I did not offer any advice on how he could cure his cold, but there are other people with more knowledge for that. I just hope my advice gets him somewhere.

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