10 writing rules to break

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IO9, a wonderful site (in my humble opinion) on all things scifi and fantasy, has unleashed a list of 10 rules they would like writers of science fiction and fantasy to break more often.

  1. No third-person omniscient
  2. No prologues
  3. Avoid infodumps
  4. Fantasy novels have to be series instead of standalones
  5. No portal fantasy (= gateways between worlds)
  6. No FTL (=Faster Than Light, for travelling)
  7. Women can’t write “hard” science fiction.
  8. Magic has to be just a minor part of a fantasy world
  9. No present tense
  10. No “unsympathetic” characters

I feel like I have managed to break many of these rules, so far. Rules, as usual, are made to be broken. Otherwise they are no fun. If you feel like going into the full article, please follow this link to IO9.

2 thoughts on “10 writing rules to break”

  1. I am 20K words into my current… I may have a couple of violations, but, its a romance… some of the romantic stuff MUST be present tense (maybe)… ruminating… stay tuned

    1. I think it is good when you disobey rules. Kick the established situation once in a while, to keep things alive and your writing fresh and different. Good luck with your project, and most of all: enjoy the journey!


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