One year goes, another one comes

Here in the Netherlands, there are less than 4 hours remaining of the old year, 2011.

I don’t know how it was for you, dear reader, but for me it flew by. Lots of things have happened, including new Hilda stories, this new website, and more and more resolve to continue with the adventures of our favourite witch. But also some other stories have happened, or at least started to grow. More of those as the new year progresses.

From this place in time I want to thank all the fans of my writing for their enthusiasm and wonderful comments. It is not just for me that I write my stories, they are mainly for you. Knowing that I can bring so much joy to other people is something important for me, and you all let me know that this happened. So thank you, everyone!

Also my gratitude to the people who help me in making the stories as good as possible, with ideas, picking out mistakes and other things. (Yes, dear reader, there are people who get to read the new stories before you do!)

One little tidbit that might be of interest to you: I have been working on getting Hilda’s 8th book in print as well, again through It is not yet available, as I managed to finish the last bits and pieces only this evening, and the proof print is now ordered. It will take 2 to 3 weeks before I know how this one looks. I shall keep you posted of course.

For now I will leave you to your loving families, friends, or what pass-time you have planned for the rest of this year (unless you are in the new one already), and I wish you a great start of the new year.

Have a good 2012,
from Paul, Hilda, William and the cats, Lily, Daniel and Rayko.

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