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One of the tools in Writer’s Café is the scrapbook feature. It allows the user to create compositions of pictures, bits of text, and links to webplaces of interest. Because of its free format and handy options, I use it more and more.

For instance, I use it to keep track of how characters in specific stories tend to relate to each other, how they know each other, how they share acquaintances, and also I have notes in them how I want to keep certain things hidden (at least for now) from characters.

Such a scrapbook can look like this (you can click the image to see a larger version):

Scrapbook example in Writer's Café

As you see, it is very easy to create lines (relationships in this case), rectangles or other shapes, add pictures, and write comments and other necessary trivia in a scrapbook.

Moving elements around is as simple as dragging and dropping them, and adding elements is child’s play using the extensive toolbar over the workspace.

Creating a picture scrap, or a complete picture scrapbook, is just as simple. Create a new picture-scrap:

New Scrap window

Name it whatever means something and then assign a picture to it. Here is an example of how part of my picture scraps for my Nanowrimo project of 2011 looked:

Picture scrapbook

Clicking a thumbnail or a caption-link will show the larger version of the image.

Explore the scrapbook. Look at it as your shoebox with pictures and notes and letters. It’s just more organised.

You can download a trial version of Writer’s Cafe at the writer’s café website.

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Café tools – the scrapbook”

  1. Excellent work, Paul. Thanks for putting these little Writer’s Cafe Desk howtos up. It’s nice to see how other people use the software.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I hope this brings Julian’s excellent software some more exposure. This page had an amazing number of visitors the first day. 🙂

  2. Haven’t shown me anything I’m not using. Yet! Pretty sure you’ll get to it though .

    Keep up the good work — as Eve said, it’s always good to see how someone else is using a key tool. Expect to imitated as soon as you reveal something I didn’t think of.

    1. Hello David,
      thank you for stopping by and leaving this comment. I intend to make more posts on Writer’s Café, some more basic to get people going, some more in-depth as far as I use Writer’s Café in that way.
      Have a good one, and keep writing!

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