Indie Promotion Day

It is 2nd Christmas day, Boxing day, whatever you like to call it, but it is also Monday, so I present to you:
a new Indie Promotion.

Eland Dances

by Philip van Wulven.

Ebook Short Description: Peter Fitt aims for peace and love in the middle of a war zone.
He uses a Soviet airplane in a development project, and finds the Russians supply arms to both sides in the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe independence struggle.
They intend to escalate the civil war so their cadres can climb into power.
Shit rises to the top when stirred.
Pete fights the men with lion-spirits, who seek power regardless of the cost in other’s lives.
Eland Dances is set in South Africa, during the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe war for independence.

Where to find.
You can find the e-book on and

One thought on “Indie Promotion Day”

  1. Nice surprise to see this today.
    I should mention it is set more in the region of Southern Africa, in the Congo, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, than actually in South Africa, the country.
    To me an important part of the book is the interplay of ancient African beliefs with modern events – hard to get this across in a synopsis.

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