“Hilda – Back to school” is going to Amazon

Yes, dear reader, I have put in some extra effort for this book.

Why, you ask?

With this seventh book in the Hilda saga on Amazon as well, it is much easier for me to prepare new books for all channels at once. Before, all the new books had already appeared on Smashwords, and were available through the affiliate stores that are connected to them. I learnt only later that Amazon allows publishing by foreign ( as in ‘non US’) authors now, so I signed up there and started publishing there as well.

Do note that Hilda – Back to school is still “in review” on Amazon, so no one can get to it yet. This is usually a matter of 24 hours though. If someone sees the book appear, please help me to point out to our friends on Amazon that it is available for free in other places.

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