Book review – Passage to Niburu

Title: Passage to Niburu
Author: Gary Wayne Clark
Genre: Science Fiction

Passage to Niburu is the first book of a set of two. The story starts on Earth, with a number of very strange and apparently unrelated abductions. All the abductees are brought together and blasted into space, on the way to a moon station. When they are threatened by a missile, things become precarious for the crew of the moon-shuttle and interesting for the reader. A lieutenant who is not who he claims to be is a bonus to the perils of the people on board.

If you like fast-paced action, diverse characters and interesting creatures that not only come from outer space, true science, witty quips and also ethical questions, then Passage to Niburu is the book for you. It is followed by the book Rise of the Chimera (of which a review will follow as soon as I have read it).

You can find out more about the author of Passage to Niburu on Google+ as well as He also has a presence on Smashwords, from where you can acquire his books.

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